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Help the web save your company…Yeah right

It’s not unusual for a company to ask for feedback on their web site, however the bastion of coffee shops…..Starbucks is hoping its loyal customers may be able to brew up bright ideas to help turn around its struggling fortunes. They now have a website so customers can help run their business!!!!!

I’m sure all the independently owned coffee shops around the world will be giving them lots of honest straight answers.

– Open a store in Tasmania
– Sell French fries
– Home deliveries
– Sell standard inexpensive coffee

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US falls behind Europe in IT league table

When I read articles like this… you immediately think SHOCK and HORROR , small countries are out performing the US. Statistics is like a bikini. What it reveals is of interest, but what you really want to see is not displayed.

The main reason why technology needs to be so efficient in the Scandinavian countries is because labor rates and employee taxes are so high, so companies are forced to push technology to the limits to compete in the market place.

The US, doesn’t have this issue, partly because immigration policy – legal and illegal and that outsourcing makes it just as efficient to use cheap overseas labor.

To my knowledge. There’s not too many Swedish speaking Indians .

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