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Changing the URL in a Links list: How To


You’ve just copied a link list template to another site collection, or performed a 2007 to 2010 migration and have realized that the all the urls in the list point to an old site and a mega cut and paste is required

So you think the data sheet can do the trick…. No

And MS Access can help….. Well no

I was surprised at this as well.

This post explains how to dump the list into Excel and run a macro to change the URL and then paste the new links into the list. This is easier than you think by using Excel a tool that you already have.

I’m not an Excel expert and there could be more elegant ways of doing this in Excel

Much of what is explained is in this Excel file: Example file


Dump the list into Excel.

  1. Click on the Export to Excel from the Ribbon in Excel.


  1. Create a macro in Excel.

See short video. To see how to create a macro. This could be anything. What is key is to create a macro that you can edit. See figure below:




  1. Edit the macro. Click the edit button on the dialog.

And paste in the following, macro code.

Sub ReplaceText()

‘ ReplaceText Macro

‘ Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+r


Call ReplaceHyperlinkURL(“”, “com”)

End Sub

The code above when run will replace the “” part of a URL with “com”. This could be anything really.

  1. Run the macro from the dialog box


All the cells will be searched and if there’s a match, it will replace the text.

Now that the URL’s have been changed.


  1. Copy and paste the URL’s in Excel back into SharePoint, using the datasheet view.

You just need to paste the URL column.

BLOB Storage

Been looking at Remote BLOB Storage….given that the content db has run out of gas on a project I’m working on.

This is my finding

RBS overview

Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 can work with Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) and Microsoft SQL Server to optimize database storage resources.

Before you implement RBS which is complicated, look at is it worth it See here Plan for RBS (SharePoint Foundation 2010).

In this article:

Introduction to RBS

In SharePoint Foundation 2010, a binary large object (BLOB) is a large block of data stored in a database that is known by its size and location instead of by its structure — for example a Microsoft Office 2010 document or a video file. By default, these BLOBs, also known as unstructured data, are stored directly in the SharePoint content database along with the associated metadata, or structured data. Because these BLOBs can be very large, it might be better to store BLOBs outside the content database. BLOBs are immutable. Accordingly, a new copy of the BLOB must be stored for each version of that BLOB. Because of this, as a database’s usage increases, the total size of its BLOB data can expand quickly and grow larger than the total size of the document metadata and other structured data that is stored in the database. BLOB data can consume lots of space and uses server resources that are optimized for database access patterns. Therefore, it can be helpful to move BLOB data out of the SQL Server database, and onto commodity or content addressable storage. To do this, you can use RBS.

RBS is a Microsoft SQL Server library API set that is incorporated as an add-on feature pack for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2008 or Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express. The RBS feature enables applications, such as SharePoint Foundation 2010, to store BLOBs in a location outside the content databases.

Storing the BLOBs externally can reduce how much SQL Server database storage space is required. The metadata for each BLOB is stored in the SQL Server database and the BLOB is stored in the RBS store.

SharePoint Foundation 2010 uses the RBS feature to store BLOBs outside of the content database. SQL Server and SharePoint Foundation 2010 jointly manage the data integrity between the database records and contents of the RBS external store on a per-database basis.

Support from 3rd party products

Just finishing a K2 Black Point deployment with a client and there’s been a few more issues than I would have originally have liked, but I suppose that’s software. On e of the things I like about the K2 support process, is that they have a pretty extensive knowledge base of issues, questions, tech sheets. This is all stuff that you expect from companies like Microsoft, but when it comes to smaller 3rd party products, the experience is can be totally different.- Un replied emailed, on hold for long periods of time, developers who always put you on hold with the support call….the list goes on.

Most of the support comes from South Africa, which does bring back memories of my time in Zimbabwe/Rhodesia, but the support guys are very direct with their communication and come straight to the point.

This is the hidden cost of software- implementation, configuration and dealing with undocumented issues, which can just eat into an implementations time. This is something that I’ve experienced several times with free downloads, beta software and so called $150 web parts.

K2 have a have a partner support site , which is a really good tracking system, which links into other similar issues that people are experiencing. This does expedite the trouble shooting process, thus saving time and speeding up the deployment.

So when buying web parts, buyer beware.

Excel Training Workshop – Presented by Jet Reports

For those who attended the webinar last week.

Jet Reports is hosting an hour long EXCEL TRAINING WORKSHOP featuring practical techniques to increase your productivity using Microsoft Excel on May 12th. This complimentary workshop will be lead by an Excel Certified expert from Jet Reports and will include topics such as:

· Relative Cell Referencing
· Data Validation
· IF Statements
· Date Formatting and more…

As an added value- the workshop also includes interactive exercises for attendees and practice materials to utilize on your own.

Be sure to take advantage of this complimentary training workshop to discover new & practical ways to “Kick it up a Notch” while using one of the Microsoft Office applications you rely on most…Excel!

Tuesday, May 12th at 10:00 am Pacific (1:00 pm Eastern)

To register, simply click on the following link:

SharePoint Designer for workflow…….Oh really.

SharePoint Designer is free and does have its place for workflow, but there are some inherent limits with the product, such as:

-Workflow design history: No version control in different versions of a deployed workflow. Only the latest version on the server.
-Deployment: The workflow has to re build the entire workflow, from a dev, test, live environment. This is roles, actions
-Can only work with information in a site, not across a site collection. The following cannot be done:
-Archiving items to the archive site collection (Another site collection)
-Grabbing information on another site or farm
-Creation functionality. Can’t create a list\ library\team site. This is a design action, not content creation.
-The flow is sequential, therefore you can’t go back a step in the process.
-No automatic escalation process if there’s no response.
-No back up approvers
-No Parent / Child processing, share of information between processes. A workflow can’t kick off another process.

It’s still a great product, however, and this post is more of an FYI.

For further information on workflow with SharePoint Designer, this free webinar maybe useful. Link

K2 – BlackPoint weekly web x

Every Tues and Thurs

Join the meeting.
Audio Information
Telephone Conferencing
Choose one of the following:
· Dial the conferencing service directly, and enter the participant code shown below:Toll-free: +1-8882966500Toll: +1-9132271219Participant Code: 931431
First-Time Users
To save time before the meeting, check your system to make sure it is ready to use Office Live Meeting.
Unable to join the meeting? Follow these steps:
1. Copy this address and paste into your web browser:
2. Copy and paste the required information:
Meeting ID: TR4TH3
Entry Code: J$Rb4F
If you still cannot enter the meeting, contact support.
Office Live Meeting can be used to record meetings. By participating in this meeting, you agree that your communications may be monitored or recorded at any time during the meeting.

Instant Messenger blocked…….

Often when you are at a client site your IM is blocked by the clients firewall.

This web site

Allows you to log into your IM, through the web.

Great to allow you to stay in touch with your team

Workflows, workflows, workflows

K2 have now introduced Black Point which has a price point of — starting at just $5,000 (U.S.) — is competitive with other low-cost offerings, so it’s easy to get started with workflows and process-driven applications. Basically it’s about $25 per user.

K2 now comes in 2 versions:

1. Black Point – Leveraging off the SharePoint technology and not replacing it. It still requires InfoPath forms, views, security, and SP server with no development kits required.

2. Black Pearl – The Rolls Royce version of workflows. Can be completely separate to SharePoint.

This is particularly relevant when SharePoint Designer hits its limits.

For details, contact Bill Nagle – (203) 570-2593 for details

Nice tool

If you want to find out your IP address, go to this web site

FireFox and SharePoint

Out of the box, it works fine, in fact I like the way Fire fox captures the user names and passwords. Also Ubiquity works well. Good mash up commands – Map, and shorts cuts Open