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SharePoint 2010 search scope issue

Ever had this error?

The search service is currently offline. Visit the Services on Server page in SharePoint Central Administration to verify whether the service is enabled. This might also be because an indexer move is in progress.

This error is when you click on the Search Scopes on the site collection.




After much research on blogs and logs….. I was completely stuck and then I stepped back to think about what I’m trying to do.

It’s a setting in a site collection……So does this error occur with other site collections?

I discovered that the error was unique to this site collection.

I then started disabling site collection features.



And discovered this was the culprit.


I Deactivated it and reactivated it…..

And the search scope worked!!!!

The MPV crew couldn’t figure it out

Microsoft launches new Bing search engine

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief executive, has unveiled Bing, a new online search tool that he hopes will rival Google.

I suppose ‘Bing’, will be more successful than the company’s two most recent incarnations: Live Search and MSN Search. Live Search is my Home page, I love the different picture it has each day.

Is this the post Yahoo Search strategy?

A few search facts for 2009:
-Google was used for 64.2 per cent of queries, and Yahoo’s share totaled 20.4 per cent.
-Google’s sales – $4.7 billion in the first quarter – are tied to its search dominance


Microsoft promises to slash cost of ‘high-end’ search

“Microsoft has promised to make enterprise search cost effective under a roadmap outlined today, having splashed out $1.3bn on FAST Search and Transfer a year ago.
The company’s roadmap will see high-end search from FAST integrated with its SharePoint family, covering portal, content management, and business information.”


Even through FAST was acquired by Microsoft last year, not sure if this purchase was that wise as FAST was last year accused of accounting fraud in its home country of Norway, with the company restating its 2006 and 2007 earnings and former chief executive turned vice president of Microsoft’s search group John Lervik has now left Microsoft citing personal reasons for his departure.

Obvious the financial statements weren’t properly searched!!

Microsoft Unveils New Enterprise Search Road Map

Strategy features FAST Search for SharePoint and FAST Search for Internet Business.
Microsoft Corp. today disclosed a detailed road map for its enterprise search products, including the introduction of FAST Search for SharePoint and FAST Search for Internet Business.

FAST Search for SharePoint, a new search server that will add the high-end search capabilities of FAST ESP into Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server, will be available as a part of the next release of the Microsoft Office system. For customers who are interested in the product, Microsoft also announced ESP for SharePoint, a special offering that allows customers to purchase high-end search capabilities today, with a defined licensing path to FAST Search for SharePoint when it becomes available.

“These two new products offer compelling, new choices for our customers,” said Kirk Koenigsbauer, general manager for the Office Business Platform Group at Microsoft. “FAST Search for SharePoint will combine high-end search with the broad portal, collaboration, content management and business intelligence capabilities of SharePoint. And FAST Search for Internet Business will deliver search capabilities tuned to drive more revenue through Web sites.”

“We now have the largest team of engineers and researchers in the world dedicated to enterprise search,” said Bjørn Olstad, Microsoft Distinguished Engineer. “They’re passionate about search and committed to pushing the limits of what’s possible. Today’s road map announcement is significant because it not only discloses what’s next from Microsoft, but it also provides a framework for delivering continuous innovation in the future.”

A New Choice in Business Productivity Search

Businesses of all sizes have historically been forced to choose between powerful, high-end search platforms or more mainstream, out-of the-box infrastructure solutions. FAST Search for SharePoint gives customers a new choice: a search server that integrates the high-end search capabilities of FAST ESP into SharePoint Portal Server. By enhancing SharePoint’s portal, collaboration and content management capabilities with sophisticated search, FAST Search for SharePoint will enable a whole new range of business productivity applications.

A Powerful Platform for Building Search-Driven Web Sites

FAST Search for Internet Business will extend FAST ESP and will provide a flexible platform for building engaging, search-driven Web site experiences. The product will be available in beta in the second half of this year and will feature new capabilities for content integration and interaction management, helping enable more complete and interactive search experiences.

The environmental impact of Google searches

Well who would have thought!!!!

According to the Sunday Times, research says that performing two Google searches uses up as much energy as boiling the kettle for a cup of tea.

Link: environmental impact of Google searches

Maybe Google’s carbon footprint will be shown on their maps!!

But Google does think of the environment . Link

So the question I ask: Is Microsoft’s Live more environment friendly?

The Daily Telegraph: Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer sets out internet search ambitions

In an interview with Steve, MS Live has only 3% of market share of searches.

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer has declared that he wants the software giant to leap from third to second in search in the $40bn (£22.5bn) global online advertising market within five years.

Microsoft certainly has the pockets to go on the spending path.


List of acquisitions by Microsoft in 2008

Live Search new look

I’ve had MS Live search as my default home page for some time and it’s great, pretty much does the same as Google. In the past month, there’s a new feature, which changes the page every day to a new photo. Quite timely it’s the Olympics. This gives a whole new feel to the site and makes Live look unique and not a Google ver.2

Search Server 2008…..A few facts:

– Search Server 2008 is unable to be installed with MOSS 2007; only with WSS 3.0 SP1. MOSS has the search server engine built into it (WSS does not). Installing search server would be redundant, even if it may a small amount of additional features.

– Is it free? No, but Search Server 2008 Express is free

– It runs on Linux and Unix

– Part of Windows Server 2008

– What are the other alternatives- Google and OmniFind Yahoo

-What can it search? It has connectors to file shares, SharePoint sites, Lotus Notes repositories and Exchange public folders, EMC’s Documentum and IBM’s FileNet

Download details

Google joins the corporate super-league

The world’s second favorite search engine, after Microsoft Live of course…right!!!!.

Only ExxonMobil, General Electric, Microsoft and AT&T are now bigger.

So Google is now bigger than IBM, Accenture, HP. Wow.

Not a bad 10 years.

Google joins the corporate super-league

Microsoft weighs $50bn tilt at Yahoo!

click here

Not sure if this buy out would be allowed, on grounds of anti competition, both in the States and in the EU.

This buy out is just a market share expansion, not really a product expansion approach.

Too many competing products.- Search, web based mail, msn- Yahoo content sites.

But if it did, Google will have some serious competition.