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Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Disaster Recovery Guide

The name of the game in of this SharePoint book is SharePoint Disaster Recovery (DR), which also falls into the category of business continuity or high availability. The depth and breadth of the SharePoint DR can be quite daunting because often the reader is new to SharePoint and does not quite know how the pieces of the puzzle all fit together and is facing the challenge of determining how to implement a DR within their organization.

This book is structured to fill in the SharePoint knowledge gaps of how to apply a SharePoint DR approach that is documented, easy to understand and is executable.

By applying knowledge from each chapter, this book will demystify the DR process and you will learn how to identify risk and appropriate DR approaches, and out of the box SharePoint tools for your DR plans.

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Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Related Technologies pricing


Estimated Price

Office SharePoint Server 2007


Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Search Standard


Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Search Enterprise


Office Forms Server 2007


Client Access Licenses

Estimated Price

Office SharePoint Server 2007 Standard CAL


Office SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise CAL1


Office Forms Server 2007 CAL


Office SharePoint Designer 2007


Internet Facing Sites

Estimated Price

Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Internet sites


Office Forms Server 2007 for Internet sites


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Microsoft Dogged By Sharepoint Support Issues – Study

This article doesn’t surprise me.

The SharePoint product doesn’t sit on top of the technology stack- Exchange, Active directory, IIS, Office 2007, Win server 2003, but actually engrains itself within these technologies. Therefore if the alerts are not working in SharePoint, a call to tech support puts you on the SharePoint support system, when in fact it’s Exchange that is not working. A few days go by of speaking to the support folks and not much process, as the guy on the phone only knows about SharePoint. It’s only when you complain that you need both product teams on the phone is when any progress is made.

The article talks about the demand was unexpected, but it’s the whole MS support structure that needs to be reviewed as MS’s products become more integrated.

However on this note, it’s better than trying to get the product teams from Novell and Microsoft on the phone together.

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Microsoft Breaks Earnings Records, Again

“SharePoint is over a billion dollar business now”

Xboxs also making an impact on the figures.

No Zune figures, however!!

Their loss making web business’s, not hitting bottom line.

With this kind of money sloshing around, maybe the 20% stake in Facebook will be raised, or there’ll be additional purchases.

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Microsoft Unbundles Sharepoint Services From Server 2008

Microsoft earlier this week said it plans to separate its popular Windows SharePoint Services offering from future releases of Windows Server 2008.

Starting with release candidate 1 of Windows Server 2008, Microsoft will offer Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 only as a separate download, and not as part of the software package.
Windows SharePoint Services, a free subset of Office SharePoint Server that includes limited collaboration, social computing and document management functionality.
Not sure why Microsoft is doing this.

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SharePoint Server 2007 Is an (Able) Jack of All Trades

An excellent article in eweek on the Swiss Army knife, and jack of all trades clichés, and how Microsoft has produced a product to break the stereotypes of these kind of products.

But while Microsoft may be putting all of its eggs in one basket (there go those clichés again), it’s not the case that SharePoint Server doesn’t do any one thing particularly well.
But SharePoint Server 2007 does many things very well, particularly where usability, manageability and interactive collaboration are concerned.

Most importantly—and the reason for which eWEEK Labs has given the platform an Analyst’s Choice award—SharePoint Server 2007 is the best product we’ve seen for getting a capable and feature-rich enterprise Web platform up and running quickly.

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