Over the years I’ve developed a number of small bit products for the SharePoint 2007/2010. These aren’t shrink wrapped products, but if you want to save yourself a couple of days coding it’ll be well worth using these products. Please contact me for details. They are only a couple of hundred $ each.

Web Part Name SharePoint version. 2007/2010 Description Why was this required? Estimated time it will take you to develop Dollar
iFrame webpart 2007 This is an iframe based webpart, which displays PDF, Reporting Server reports and documents in a fixed webpart zone The client wanted to open the docs in the specified webpart zone no matter what doc it was. 5 days $1000
Custom navigation 2007 The left navigation is based on the list library items. The items can be headings, URL, sorting, grouping etc. Out of the box does not give the flexibility to sort or have a navigation based on the requirements. The navigation is like table of contents in a book, with sorting ability to the left side nav 5 days $1000
Migrate bulk documents 2007 This is a console app which will move bulk documents from one location to another. It will retain all the metadata and permissions Out of the box moving/copying documents will lose the metadata and hence this requirement 5 days $1000
Homepage moving images 2010/2007 Images and text will be moving and will interact how they are defined, just like on Microsoft SharePoint Homepage Custom VS 2010 solution with Ajax controls. It uses Microsoft Ajax controls. The images with contents move and same time are clickable 10 days $2000
Publishing newsletters 2010/2007 User can publish articles on the homepage as per definition. Summary of the article will be seen on the homepage and upon clicking on “Read more” the full article page will open. The user controls how many days the article should be seen on the homepage and also where (left , right, upper left, upper right etc) the article should show up. Example: SharePoint 2010 makes headlines… “Read more” upon clicking on Read more you will be taken to the full article page 10 days $2000
migrate users from one Domain to another 2007 automated STSADM script to move users from one domain to another Very useful when switching Domains for the same user 3 days $300
List copy 2007 Copy values from a list from one server to another. If your SP server is internal and users need to kick off a process, have this done on an external server, and values get copied to the internal server. 3 days $300
Query string URL Webpart 2010 Webpart will pick up values from AD in the query string and display user information from a different system, Some systems like Infineon (IBM) will provide information by using query string. With this webpart, every user got their information displayed in SharePoint. SharePoint became real portal in its true meaning. Very often system provide information using query string including SharePoint. 4 days $400
Custom Search 2007 Webpart will display users in table format and the information is interactive. Out of the box search results are not sort able and clickable. You can even export to excel with all the search results. This applies for people search too. After exporting to excel all the columns can be sorted and the information can be used as if it is excel spreadsheet. The html page is has its own css and custom look and feel. 14 days $2,000

Many organizations have asked me to train their user base to become familiar with the SharePoint platform. I offer training courses on the following subjects

End User

– Based on my book. 1 DayWhat gets covered: SharePoint essentials, managing information, creating your day.
Power User Essentials 2 Days

Day 1: SharePoint Essentials , SharePoint Power user experience , Non SharePoint Designer branding and UI redesign

Day 2: Review of user security requirements, Branding with SharePoint Designer. UI, graphics, Content changes with SharePoint Designer, SharePoint Designer Workflow Management

SharePoint Designer 2007/2010

Day 1 : The SharePoint Designer workspace, SharePoint Sites , Web Page Content , Web Pages , Lists and Libraries , Web Parts , Master Pages
Day 2: Cascading Style Sheets, Site Definitions and Templates, SharePoint Site Management, Usability and Accessibility, Data Views, Data Sources, Controls, Web Content Management in a SharePoint Server Environment , Workflows


Day 1: What is Governance, Governance Components, Effective Governance, What Should Be Governed?, Implementing Governance, Governance Plans, Governance Goals, Policies, Guidelines, Procedures, Who Should Determine Gov. Policies?, SharePoint & Governance, What’s you should be aware in in 2010, Compare and contract 2007/2010
Day 2: Taxonomy Architectures, Flat Taxonomy, Faceted Taxonomy, Hierarchical Taxonomy, Network Taxonomy, Taxonomy Examples, Example: Content Types, SharePoint Roles Taxonomy, Governance Roles Taxonomy, Folksonomies Roles, Customization policy, Social Networking Policy

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 Health Check

If you feel that there are some performance issues with your SharePoint environment and you need a review these, I can help by providing comprehensive health checkup. This can be one off or an ongoing activity. This is a list of the items that would be evaluation/audited during a SharePoint 2010 health check. It covers the basics of any SharePoint farm.

1) Hardware Resources Check: Installed Software, Allocated Storage, Hardware Profiles and Resource Usage, IIS Settings and Logs, Event Logs Diagnosis.

2) Environment Topology: Participating servers and roles, Outgoing email settings, Incoming email settings, Diagnostic Logging and Usage Analysis, Timer Job Status and Diagnosis, License Type evaluation, Cumulative Update Level evaluation.

3) Web Applications and Content Databases: Web Applications Evaluation, Content Databases Evaluation, Database properties and sizing, Transaction log properties and allocation, SQL and Web Application Authentication Evaluation.

4) Service Applications and Service Accounts: Service accounts, Managed accounts, General Service Applications, User Profile Service Application, Search Service Application, Service Applications Authentication Evaluation.