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    7 Ways to make a SharePoint demo rock

    3 min read

    SharePoint is not only a beast of a product, it’s a confusing one to non-techy mortals to understand, so before you even show the Site Actions menu tab, think about What, Who and How to demo the product.

    1.    Define a clear goal of the demo:

    -What you are going to show and what you are not

    -Why you are showing them-“Based on previous conversations with XYZ”

    -Business value

    You really how 30 mins to show them, then the attention span starts to wonder.

    2.    During the demo, make it bite size

    Remember most folks have got the attention span of a tangerine, so state what you are going to show them and then show them the functionality. Do this each time.

    Do you want Office 365 training?

    3.    Understand the customer

    Yeap a standard consulting speak from the big 4. But really understand the customer. So if the client uses Macs, you really need to demo SharePoint on an Mac, rather than the high end torbo charged PC laptop that allows you to do 18 different things at once. People see through the demo software.

    This also include Ipads and iphones.

    Nothing gets the engagement levels off the charts they see the demo running on all 3 Apple products.

    Even the browser. If you demo on Chrome, you’ll get the attention of the Generation Z and millenialls.

    You’ll also answear their unasked question… “So SharePoint works on a non Microsoft technology?”

    4.    Make it prosumer (proactive consumers).

    People want a system that is easy to use, doesn’t require training, offers immediate beneift and self service. Often SharePoint is not this tool, particurally if it’s been deployed by the Exchange administror.

    5.    Make the interface consitent to what folks use every day and like. That’s not the Ribbon.

    On the discover call I always ask what web sites do people use the most? And of cause the answear is Google. So we made the homepage like……. Google. This immediaely terminates the preassumptions that SharePoint is complicated.

    6.    Show the sizzle, not the stake

    Mention the cool out osss box features- the document preview, search results.

    Notice in the image below, the document preview has a good eye candy image.

    Remember: Millennials are extremely team-oriented and enjoy collaborating and building friendships with colleagues. So the document on line editing is a win, and Lync or whatever MS is calling it these days.

    During the demo, mention the technology provides plenty of opportunities for collaboration and team projects.

    7.    Small details make a BIG difference.

    Not just talking about the making the site logo the company logo.

    When we demo on a Mac, we have a demo user called Steve Jobs with his photo.

    Nice simple touch.

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