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    Decade Review

    3 min read

    As we come to the end of the decade that’s been called the “aughts”, technology has come along leaps and bounds and we are using it in unthinkable ways from 10 years ago. Here’s a list of what I view the best, worst and the goodbye technologies of the past 10 years.

    Best technologies

    1. Blackberries. Notice a worst technology as well
    2. Web X
    3. Remote Desktop
    4. 1 Phone / iPod. “1000 songs in my back pocket”
    5. VOIP – AKA Skype . Now call anywhere for free.
    6. IM, yes been around since the 90’s with ICQ (where are they!!!!!!)
    7. GPS- car. No excuse for getting lost on the way to a meeting.
    8. VM forwarding email. A wonderful feature.
    9. Cloud computing. Saleforce, Windows Live
    10. Ajax. Making web forms so much of a richer experience.

    Of course: Google News, Social Networking, and YouTube. YouTube. Launched in early 2005, YouTube has changed the way we communicate. The video-sharing Web site has given us a new way of reaching each other, not to mention shortcuts to product launches, virtual adverts and togetherness. Favorite technical

    Some technology just didn’t do it for me.

    1. SOAP: The communication software that didn’t speak well. CORBA is a failed protocol stack.
    2. Scrum project management technology. Consultants made a lot of money on this one.
    3. Browsers for the TV
    4. Ribbon Interface on Office
    5. Blackberries
    6. Bus ticket vending machines at Port Authority bus terminal. Completely useless user interface.
    7. TV’s in elevators. Total waste of technology
    8. Roaming profiles in the browser
    9. Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard. Looks good, but doesn’t really work well.
    10. SUV’s. Not technology, but in NYC please.

    Goodbye technologies
    1. The pager
    2. Channels in the MS explorer browser. Similar to bookmarks, but not sure on their purpose.
    3. Sony Mini disk player. I had one of these
    4. MS Millennium – Worst O/S released by MS.
    5. Answering machine in the house
    6. Novell GroupWise
    7. WordPerfect, Lotus 123, Lotus Freelance graphics
    8. Napster. The original iTunes store
    9. Pam Pilot.
    10. The fax machine…Becoming very rare these days.

    Next decade

    1. Cloud computing- The talk of the town
    2. Finger recognition on your computer login
    3. Web cams on your PC
    4. Increased mobile power. Workflow, decent streaming video
    5. Faster internet connections. Would be nice to be on a web x and VIOP at the same time without sounding like you are underwater.
    6. Twitter. Perhaps reaching a critical mass. Can your company function without twitter

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