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    InfoPath…..Times out with large amounts of data.

    1 min read

    Recently I’ve been building a PO Request form in a browser InfoPath, that needs to bring in large amounts of data from Dynamics GP (Great Plains) on to the form. This data includes vendor codes and vendor names. The problems with data connections with SQL is that these kind of error will occur:

    Stop running this script? A script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer might become unresponsive.

    This is a limitation of the data connections in Infopath. There is because the form is trying to grab 5,000 records at once and there is no way to filter on the records before you bring them back.

    I got round this problem by using a 3rd party product :Web Services Solution Pack (WSSP) by Qdabra

    Another nice feature of the product is that if you have the need for dynamic lookup, with one value based on another field, then another, it can make these calls to the database.

    Also to improve performance

    I’m not a huge fan of 3rd party products, but this one looks like the Bamboo Solutions type for InfoPath forms.

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