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    Interesting post on Ray Ozzie.

    1 min read

    Link – Why has Ray Ozzie failed at Microsoft?

    Ray Ozzie, the creator of ground-breaking software such as Lotus Notes and Groove, has been anything but a hit at Microsoft. In fact, going by what Microsoft’s chief software architect has been able to accomplish at the company, you’d have to say his tenure has been a bust. Most surprising of all is that pre-Microsoft, his greatest accomplishments were all about networking and collaboration, and that’s where Microsoft continues to be beaten by the competition.

    A few things haven’t gone in Ray’s favor. Vista wasn’t quite there for the corporate world and Windows mobile is also not there yet. Both of these products were in the works before Ray arrived on the scene, but these are major market offering.

    This article is not accurate:

    1. The Groove product. The name has gone away. It’s now part of SharePoint.
    2. Collaboration. Err….. there’s a product called SharePoint. Microsoft’s fasting selling product.
    3. Bing. Now reversing years of little search engine market share.

    Some of what the article is saying, is reflected in the share price.

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