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    K2 BlackPoint -Meta data issue

    1 min read

    Scenario: Upload a document, attach meta data and kick off a workflow…Simple Eh!!

    Well not quite. The workflow kicks off, but the xml data structure is blank.

    Well finally we figured it out. This is a known issue, the workaround is involving these steps:

    If the SharePoint Workflow Integration process is associated with a document library: -Add the ’SharePoint Documents’ event to the desired activity.
    -At the ’Event Name and Action’ screen of the wizard select the ’Get Document’s Metadata’.
    -At the ’Get Document Metadata’ screen enter the SharePoint Site URL etc. and for the ’File Name’ map it to the SPIntegrationData -> SPData -> ItemName field.
    -Then at the ’Document Metadata’ screen you can map the document library columns to process data fields or a process xml field.

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