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    Often forgotten SharePoint functionality

    1 min read


    You don’t read about this functionally much, but the sitemanager in SharePoint is a little germ if you want to do the following:

    -Copy files to a different site, by view or library, something that the explorer view can’t do.

    -Move files, by view or library, something that the explorer view can’t do.

    -Mark favorites

    -Quickly navigate around not just a site but an entire site collection



    1.    Go to http://your site path/_layouts/sitemanager.aspx

    2. Click on the library from which you would like to move the documents and this should provide you the list of the all documents

    3. Select all/documents you would like to move

    4. From the menu, under “Actions” there is option to Move/Copy.

    5. Select the destination document Lib

    This feature has been in SP since 2003, is never discussed.  The really cool part is the Content and Structure reports.  They’re a little contrived but you can do a fair amount of datamining.






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