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    Protecting Information with Windows Rights Management Services (RMS) web cast

    1 min read

    I’m presenting a web x on protecting confidential data and intellectual property such as e-mail messages, internal documents, and web-based content.

    Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services (RMS) for the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 family of operating systems is a security technology that enables you to specify exactly who can open, read, copy, modify, or redistribute sensitive information. This webcast provides guidance and best practices that you can use to plan and implement your Windows RMS solution.

    What will get covered:

    • Information theft – How much of it really goes on
    • Document Encryption- Rights Information Management
    • Reduce risks of spoliation, theft, and advanced security controls
    • Work with client installation and activation
    • Protection and consumption of data.
    • IRM vs RMS

    The presenter also introduces best practices for providing availability and scalability within the RMS environment.

    Click here to attend

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