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    Slide Share

    1 min read

    Well introduced the sales group to Slideshare today…….Some were not convinced.

    But I think this is defiantly a tool worth looking into for communicating a message

    These were some ground rules another co worker recomeneded.

    o We should never mention a customer name
    o We shouldn’t offer “detailed“ consulting information

    o We can focus the SlideShare contents on “abstract” level information only. Then provide a link to our website where a user can register and download a complete presentation.
    o We should always add contact info and company web links.
    o Any content should underscore our position as experts
    o Content should be relevant to key customer issues

    Company Uses:
    o Sales/telesales could use as a referral site for a blast email
    o Sales/telesales could use as a reference in a call
    o Marketing/branding could use it to enhance search engine-based hits to AKA

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