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    Welcome to Teams Tuesday

    A podcast about mastering the best of what other people have already figured out with M365.

    Teams Tuesday focuses on insights and lessons that never expire. You’ll walk away from every episode with actionable insights that help you get better results and be more productive.

    Some webinairs that I’m presenting in Sept and Oct

    2 min read

    SharePoint Document Management Wed 9/23/09 @ 1:00pm EST
    Learn about the value and simplicity of building a controlled document management system using SharePoint. Lean How To: Capture documents electronically using document imaging and capture solutions, Streamline business processes through automated SharePoint workflow, batch scanning, distributed scanning and imaging

    SharePoint:- The New, Faster Face of Innovation 9/24/09 @ 12:30pm EST
    Call it innovation on steroids, or innovation at warp speed. Or just the innovation of rapid innovation. But the essential point remains: SharePoint is transforming innovation at its core, allowing companies to test new ideas at speeds—and prices—that were unimaginable even a decade ago.

    Using SharePoint for Product management within the Distribution and Consumer Goods vertical 10/1/09 12:30pm EST
    Feel like your product development process can be a like the ‘Slow boat from China’ ? Challenging times call for a change in process. Some companies have grown quicker than they should have and still have an informal process that needs to be updated, meanwhile they want to keep the company’s entrepreneurial culture alive. If this is true of your business, then Microsoft SharePoint is a product worth looking into.

    The true power of SharePoint Designer for workflows– 10/8/09 1:00 PM ESTNow SharePoint designer is free, it’s the perfect time to utilize MOSS’s workflow functionality with SharePoint Designer.


    SEC protects your investors but who protects and controls your company information? – 10/14/09 12:30PM
    Protecting confidential data and intellectual property such as e-mail messages, internal documents, and Web-based content is critical to the success of many organizations. Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services (RMS) for the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and SharePoint family is a security technology that enables you to specify exactly who can open, read, copy, modify, or redistribute sensitive information.

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