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    Web browser compatibility in InfoPath Forms Services

    1 min read

    InfoPath Forms Services is a server technology that allows users to fill out Microsoft Office InfoPath forms by using a Web browser. Users don’t need InfoPath installed on their computers to fill out an InfoPath form, nor are they required to download anything extra from the Web. All users need is access to a browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, or Firefox.
    This article lists the browsers that are compatible with InfoPath Forms Services.

    In addition, this article lists the features that are supported in browser-compatible form templates (browser-compatible form template: A form template that is designed in InfoPath by using a specific compatibility mode. A browser-compatible form template can be browser-enabled when it is published to a server running InfoPath Forms Services.), the features that cannot be used in browser-compatible form templates, and the differences in behavior that may occur when forms that are based on browser-compatible form templates are viewed in different browsers.


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