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    A podcast about mastering the best of what other people have already figured out with M365.

    Teams Tuesday focuses on insights and lessons that never expire. You’ll walk away from every episode with actionable insights that help you get better results and be more productive.

    What is it like becoming a Microsoft Value Added Reseller

    1 min read

    Today there are over 300,000+ Microsoft partners reselling the Microsoft shiny stuff like CRM, ERP and document management tools and as any MS partner will tell you, there has been good, great, and wobbly years, but as any sales person will tell you, the growth curve is not always a straight line.

    I would not say becoming a Microsoft Partner was the best career move I ever made, but it was certainly up there in the top 3 decisions I have made in my 25-year career.

    Recently I was featured on the podcast series Life Skills That Matter, hosted by Stephen Warley, where I explained the value-added reseller concept and the Microsoft partner, model. He was a bit surprised that this existed with Microsoft and that partners were required to install and deploy its software. Microsoft does exist beyond Word and Excel.

    Do you want Office 365 training?

    The podcast: Creating a Value Added Reseller (VAR) Business With Peter Ward

    Are you familiar with a business model called Value Added Reseller or VAR? If you aren’t, it’s another interesting self-employment option I’m excited to introduce you to!

    Peter Ward is the co-owner of SohoDragon, a Microsoft partner or VAR based in New York City.

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