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    Working with CSS files.

    1 min read

    I’ve been working with some complicated pages in SharePoint where there’s just too many CSS styles on the page.

    Ever doing some digging on the internet, I found this tool, v. useful.

    Firefox Developer add on

    Of course you need Firefox installed. 🙂

    This add on has many neat tricks such is identifying fields that are validated and dead links

    But if you want to find the CSS style of a web part or control, Do the following steps:

    1. Open Fire fox

    2. 2.Go to the SharePoint page

    3. 3. On the Firefox tool bar, go to Tools, Web Developer, CSS, view Style Information

    Now the browser has a box navigator, where you can click on the page and css styles are shown.

    Very useful to avoid the hunt and pecking in a css file

    To get the colors use this web site.

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