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    HubSpot Sync to a SharePoint List

    1 min read

    HubSpot is one of the most popular CRM platforms out there. It’s quite intuitive and easy to use. SharePoint, as we all know, is a document management and collaboration platform. Sometimes there might be a need to pull data from HubSpot and load it on a SharePoint list. Here is a brief outline of how it can be achieved:

    1. Call the REST API in HubSpot. This article gives a detailed description of the endpoints.
    2. Once you can retrieve the data from Hubspot the next step is to load it on a SharePoint List.

    If you are working with Node.Js I would recommend using the “sp-PNP-js” library for authenticating and working with SharePoint. Here is the link to that library.

    3. Finally, to schedule this, I published the code to Azure as an Azure Function. Here is some documentation on how to work with Azure Functions.

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