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    So you want to do a bit of Modern UI

    2 min read

    A couple of clients are insisting on the Modern site’s approach for Project and Task management project – here are some additional notes and articles that might be helpful for any consideration.

    • Missing features from Modern UI
    • Adding List/Library web parts on to the pages in Modern UI(Preview Mode)
    • Search Web Parts
    • Refiners missing from the Search results page
    • Live Tiles
    Do you want Office 365 training?

    Customization story(Still in development are Site Design/Scripts approaches) features are available to First release customers

    Yes Modern is the future – It still lacks many important features/stability and still not ready for Prime Time to replace Classic in every use case. Here are some recent quote on this from MSFT and a blog on this –

    There are no plans to remove classic mode anytime soon.  For more details, see our post on modern extensible at 

    classic document library experience available to all customers through a simple opt-out experience, even as we roll the modern experience out globally.

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