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    Teams Tuesday Meetup February 2023 Podcast

    2 min read
    Citizen Developers can be some of the best product and change champions your organization will ever have - if motivated and managed correctly. In this session, we'll show how many of the tools and techniques we have used in Champion programs in the past should be tailored to motivate and educate citizen developers. We'll also discuss how to help Citizen Devs accept and stay within your governance guardrails. You'll leave with an step-by-step 8 week program, including meeting agendas and a Citizen Developer Guide to make your own.
    Speaker's Bio
    Andrea Mondello
    Andrea has helped organizations around the globe implement, adopt, and derive value from Microsoft Technologies. She has over 20 years of experience designing and implementing SharePoint solutions. Over the past few years Andrea has rejoiced in the rise of the Citizen Developer and jumped headfirst into everything Power Platform, building solutions that incorporate great usability, solid architecture, and the discipline of business process management and continuous improvement. Past notable projects include transformation of a hundred-year-old national non-profit from file share silos to a thriving M365 implementation featuring Teams across five offices, the implementation of M365 for an international NGO with thousands of users across 19 countries in Asia, the development of a revenue recognition system built on Dataverse and Power Apps to handle hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, and a document management solution for a legal organization with thousands of attorneys across the five boroughs of New York. She began her digital career in web development and moved on to be a SharePoint administrator and developer, a Knowledge Management practitioner, Business Analyst and Project Manager, and Product Manager. Over her career Andrea has worked in multiple business verticals including accounting, publishing, SEO and digital creative firms, drug development, health advocacy, not-for-profit organizations, education and consulting. She founded and lead a successful tech consultancy, specializing in digital transformation for International Development organizations. Andrea calls upstate New York home, and can't wait to get back on the road again helping clients in their digital transformation journey.
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