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    A podcast about mastering the best of what other people have already figured out with M365.

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    Teams Tuesday Meetup June 2024 Podcast

    4 min read



    Copilot can assist with reducing the time spent on manual tasks, but it is essential to comprehend how it operates in actual deployments and the challenges that come with it. Come to hear about the many different stages, events, and lessons learned from actual Copilot rollouts. Attendees will:

    •  Learn about the questions and research that might happen before getting approval to deploy Copilot at an organization, especially from a Legal, HR, and InfoSec perspective.
    •   Understand your options to secure, remove, or manage data that Copilot will have access to and tracking what users are doing with it.
    •   Review rollout, training, and adoption plans for a Copilot pilot.
    •  Hear feedback from users about what they liked, they didn’t like, and what was unexpected.
    • Learn how to define the value proposition for Copilot to see how organizations have determined the value vs. cost to deploy it broadly over the long term.

    Below are the questions and answers from the June 2024 Meetup Session.

    Q. Tell us a bit about yourself? – City, family, hobbies, job title
    A. I live in Washington D.C., single, enjoy music, self-improvement, and travel. I spend a lot of time keeping up with Microsoft’s ongoing release of new software. I am also a MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) and teach on the side, as well as being a Technical Project Manager deploying a large-scale M365 deployment at a major financial institution. 

    Q. Tell us something about yourself that not many people know about you?
    A. I grew up and spent most of my life in the Midwest (Chicago and Minnesota)

    Q. What does a typical workday look like for you?
    A. It is pretty insane, meeting with dozens of groups throughout the org to discuss risks, technical challenges, governance, legal, training, procurement, and many other things to get everyone on board with the upcoming M365 deployment.

    Q. 1st job out of college
    A. I went to college over the course of my life so I didn’t really have one job this way.

    Q. Your 1st version of SharePoint that you experienced and what year
    A. 2007

    Q. Last challenging project and why? (this should relate to your demo)
    A. My current project is the most challenging but I have some Copilot thoughts to share about what I have learned using it.

    Q. What is the biggest mistake that your feel holds back your clients from the results they want (this should relate to your demo)
    A. Nothing comes to mind

    Q. Describe a SharePoint train wreck project, and what did you learn?
    A. I was at a regulatory org in the DC area deploying a custom built SharePoint app to manage the deployments of new laptops to 7000 users. It was so crazy I ended up writing my SharePoint book based on a lot of it.

    Q. Your favorite M365 feature/tool and why
    A. Teams, so much you can do with it.

    Q. Where do you think Microsoft is going with M365.. Be totally honest
    A. AI, AI, AI

    Q. What was your first job out of hire school
    A. A&W

    Q. What's your biggest nightmare project you have worked on … And what did you learn from this experience
    A. see above

    Q. What’s the best and worst tech advice you’ve been given
    A. Thinking you know everything before you engage is not good

    Q. Where do you want to be in 5 years?
    A. open to what the future brings

    Q. What's your blind spot in your Microsoft knowledge? Pitfalls
    A. it is always changing

    Q. Where do you source your knowledge? - Twitter- who do you follow, site urls
    A. LinkedIn

    Q. In your mind, if there was 1 song that could describe Sharepoint, what would it be? - David Bowie - Heroes
    A. The future starts now – Kim Petras

    Q. Where can people find you?
    A. LinkedIn:

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