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    A podcast about mastering the best of what other people have already figured out with M365.

    Teams Tuesday focuses on insights and lessons that never expire. You’ll walk away from every episode with actionable insights that help you get better results and be more productive.

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    Teams Tuesday Meetup May 2024 Podcast

    7 min read



    This session outlines the key strategies for early career success, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning, strategic networking, and personal branding.
    • Practical tips for navigating their first professional roles.
    • Insights into leveraging skills in a competitive job market.
    • Strategies to develop a growth mindset that fosters long-term career advancement.

    Below are the questions and answers from the May 2024 Meetup session.

    Q. Tell us a bit about yourself? – City, family, hobbies, job title
    A.  I'm May Alhajri, living in the Riyadh. I am deeply connected with my family, and we enjoyed our time together. I'm a wife and mother to a beautiful girl named Jumanah. I am an Account Technology Strategist at Microsoft. In this role, I help customers achieve their business outcomes by leveraging the power of emerging technologies and driving digital transformation. Outside of work, I enjoy exploring new cities, capturing moments through photography, and cooking.
    Q. Tell us something about yourself that not many people know about you?
    A.  Not many people know that I have a passion for cooking and even have a channel dedicated to it. Additionally, I have a love for painting, which helps me express my creativity and unwind after a busy day.
    Q. What does a typical workday look like for you?
    A. A typical workday for me begins with a strong cup of coffee and a review of my emails and calendar. I then focus on project work, and collaboration with my team is a key part of my day.
    Q. 1st job out of college
    A. My first job out of college was as an IT Support Specialist. It provided a solid foundation in IT and introduced me to the practical applications of Microsoft technologies. This experience eventually led me to become the first Saudi female to receive the MVP for business applications before becoming a Microsoft employee.
    Q. Your 1st version of SharePoint that you experienced and what year
    A. The first version of SharePoint I worked with was SharePoint 2010. It was an eye-opening experience to see how it could transform team collaboration and document management.
    Q. Last challenging project and why? (this should relate to your demo)
    A. I will go through it through my presentation. 
    Q. What is the biggest mistake that your feel holds back your clients from the results they want (this should relate to your demo)
    A. One of the biggest mistakes I see is the lack of proper training and change management. Even the most advanced technology can fail if users are not prepared and supported.
    Q. Describe a SharePoint train wreck project, and what did you learn?
    A. I worked on a SharePoint project that suffered from unclear requirements and constant scope changes. This led to missed deadlines and frustration. From this experience, I learned the critical importance of having detailed requirements and a solid project plan before starting any implementation.
    Q. Your favorite M365 feature/tool and why
    A. My favorite M365 tool is Microsoft Teams. Its seamless integration with other M365 tools and its ability to revolutionize team collaboration and communication, especially in remote work environments, makes it indispensable.
    Q. Where do you think Microsoft is going with M365.. Be totally honest
    A. I believe Microsoft is continuously evolving M365 to be an even more integral part of the modern workplace. With advancements in AI and machine learning, tools like Microsoft Copilot will become smarter and more intuitive, enhancing productivity and user experience. Microsoft's focus on security and compliance will ensure these tools remain reliable and trusted for critical business operations.

    Q. What are the 3 cool features of the demo?
    A. 1.    Career Journey Mapping: Showcases the inspiring journey from IT Support Specialist to the first Saudi female Microsoft MVP and a Microsoft employee, providing practical insights for young professionals.
    2.    Practical Tips for Growth: Offers actionable advice on confidence, planning, accepting challenges, networking, and self-investment, based on personal experiences.
    3.    Interactive Engagement: Includes real-world examples, success stories, and audience activities, making the learning experience engaging and practical.
    Q. What is the sizzle?
    A. The sizzle of the demo is its powerful, relatable narrative that combines personal success with actionable career advice. It inspires and equips young professionals with the tools and knowledge to advance their careers, emphasizing that with dedication and strategic planning, anything is possible.

    Q. What was your first job out of hire school
    A. My first job out of college was as an IT Support Specialist at SANAD. It provided a solid foundation in IT and introduced me to the practical applications of Microsoft technologies,
    Q. What's your biggest nightmare project you have worked on … And what did you learn from this experience
    A. My biggest nightmare project was building a Power Apps app for the HSE department within less than 24 hours.
    Q. What’s the best and worst tech advice you’ve been given
    A. The best tech advice I received was to always stay curious and keep learning, as technology is ever-evolving. The worst advice was to stick to what you know and avoid exploring new technologies, which can limit growth and opportunities.
    Q. What are you working on to become a developer/consultant / CTO
    A. I am continually enhancing my skills in emerging technologies, participating in advanced training, and working on complex projects to deepen my expertise. My goal is to stay ahead in the tech industry and provide innovative solutions to clients.
    Q. Where do you want to be in 5 years?
    A. In 5 years, I aspire to be a leading expert in digital transformation, driving impactful projects and helping organizations leverage technology
    Q. What's your blind spot in your Microsoft knowledge? Pitfalls
    A. I constantly work to improve my understanding of the latest updates and features. Keeping up with the rapid pace of innovation can be challenging, but it's essential to stay current.
    Q. Where do you source your knowledge? - Twitter- who do you follow, site urls
    A. I source my knowledge from a variety of platforms, LinkedIn, X, YouTube, and my website Agent008 | Twitter | Linktree
    Q. In your mind, if there was 1 song that could describe Sharepoint, what would it be? - David Bowie - Heroes
    A. If there was one song to describe SharePoint, it would be "LM3ALLEM" by Saad Lamjarred. It’s fun, Listen to it here.
    Q. Where can people find you?
    A. Agent008 | Twitter | Linktree

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