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    Welcome to Teams Tuesday

    A podcast about mastering the best of what other people have already figured out with M365.

    Teams Tuesday focuses on insights and lessons that never expire. You’ll walk away from every episode with actionable insights that help you get better results and be more productive.

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    Teams Tuesday Meetup August 2021 Podcast

    Content: This session introduce WWW of Microsoft Graph and how important they are for all our applications. We will see the Graph Explorer, PowerShell Modules, APIs and...

    Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon 2021

    Target Audience Developer Categories MS Teams Read Time 10 minutes Understand time including reading links 30 minutes This blog post is links in my speaking topics for ...

    Teams Zoom comparison

    This blog post is the first of as many on Teams and Zoom. 10 Features in Zoom that Everyone like and its comparison with Teams Features Maximum number of Participants 5...

    How to lead your team to change

    Teaching Your Teams to Embrace Change Every organization faces issues when it comes time for a change. For many years, the method for change has entailed “do this, or y...

    10 Tips For Managing Millennials In Tech

    I always thought that managing a technical team was a rather straightforward process in the sense that your duties as a leader were clearly defined, paralleling those o...